Grants Pass Dental Facts Every Pregnant Mom Needs to Know

Did you just find out you are pregnant with your first baby? Since you had bad teeth when you were a child, you want to be sure you do everything possible so your baby may have good and healthy teeth.

Following are some facts your Grants Pass Dentist would like you to be aware of at

The first thing you should do is to maintain and nurture your general and dental health. One needs to consume a diet that is balanced and stay away from sugary foods between meals and avoid starchy snacks. Opting for a healthy diet will ensure you get your quota of phosphorus, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your little one’s teeth and bones. Your doctor will monitor your individual needs and assist with advice where needed.

Does the calcium required for your baby’s teeth originate from yours?

No, it doesn’t. We should dispel the myth that states the calcium required for a baby’s teeth stems from the mom’s teeth. The actual truth is that your diet has a lot to do with it.

How can I best care for my teeth?

To avoid periodontal disease and tooth decay, you should brush your teeth properly twice a day. Make use of a fluoride toothpaste that carries the ADA seal of approval. Ensure you clean in between your teeth using quality dental floss or inter-dental cleaners on a daily basis. Use an anti-gingivitis or anti-plaque mouth rinse, approved by the ADA. Consult your hygienist or dentist in Grants Pass regarding the correct brushing and flossing technique.

Is it safe to use fluoride during pregnancy?

It is generally expected that women who opt for fluoride supplements while pregnant will help their newborn child to form healthy teeth. All of this may sound very good, but the actual benefits to the usages of prenatal fluoride supplements remains a mystery as it has been poorly studied and quite controversial. Fluoride will do little in aiding enamel formation as it works best once your teeth fully formed and erupted. What it does is change the chemical bonds of erupted teeth to ensure it becomes cavity-resistant.

Because prenatal supplements that are fluoride-based have been poorly studied, many questions about it remain unanswered. Much more research is required to establish its benefits as well as the dosage levels for such supplementation.

What effect does pregnancy have on your gums?

While pregnant, your hormone levels would rise quite a lot. This is why the inflammation of gums (gingivitis) is especially prevalent during the second to eight trimesters of your pregnancy. Due to this, you may have to contend with puffy, red, or tender gums that will bleed when you brush it.

The sensitivity you get to experience is an exaggerated response to plaque, which is caused by increased levels of progesterone, which is a typical response when pregnant. On occasion, gum tissue overgrowth, known as “pregnancy tumors” will show itself in the second trimester. The non-cancerous swellings or growths can be found between the teeth, which are seen as excess plaque.

Therefore, it is crucial to maintaining high levels of oral hygiene while you are pregnant. Studies have shown that women who have periodontal disease are more inclined to experience preterm birth and low birth weight. Should you detect any changes in your mouth while pregnant, you need to speak to your local dental practitioner.

What Happens Once Your Child is Born?

Newborns do not have any teeth. However, one should still begin a proper dental care routine. What you can do is to dip a piece of gauze in water, then wipe it on your baby’s gums. You do not need to use toothpaste for babies under six months old. It would only lead to an overdose of fluoride.

Clean your child’s mouth before they grow teeth by wiping their gums after each feed, using a wet, warm washcloth or gauze that you wrap around your finger. You get soft thimble-like devices for rubbing off excess food.

So, even way before your baby developed his or her first tooth, you should get into the habit of wiping their gums during bathtime. Just wrap the suggested gauze or cloth around your index finger to clean their gums gently.

Grants Pass dentistry experts would welcome a visit from pregnant moms to ensure they follow the right procedures to ensure good gum health for their babies.