The Best Way to Draw Close is to Engage in Payette River Rafting

The Payette River is 133.1 kilometers (82.7 miles) long, It runs through the Southwestern part of Idaho and is a major tributary of the popular Snake River.

The headwaters make it start from the Sawtooth and Salmon River Mountains where it elevated over 10,000 feet

Drainage within the watershed flows mainly from the East to the West, with a cumulative stream length to the head of the North Payette River with a total length of 180 miles.

The South Fork of this River forms part of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Ever since we can remember, one of the  River favorite outfitters brought friends, families, and work colleagues together to start their adventure with Rogue River rafting excursions.

Businesses are all for sending their employees on an unforgettable Orange Torpedo Rafting Excursions so they can bond and learn to do things together on a social level, which will no doubt guarantee an improved team building experience once they are back at the office.

Team Building Adventures on the River

Your boss may plan for a team building excursion on the River. Everybody should welcome his or her efforts and encourage other work colleagues to join in the fun. As a group, they will have fond memories of their time together once the rafting excursion is over and be able to save these for years to come.

Right now is the best time to experience whitewater rafting and the prospect of sharing it with your work colleagues like your life depends on it.

The friendly river guides combined with incredible outdoor activities will offer a group of any size an unforgettable summer experience on board the River.

Escape for a Half Day River Rafting Trip on the Payette

Summertime proves to be the best time of the year to experience a couple of hours on the big waves with your work colleagues. Swim all you want and enjoy some exciting river fun while getting to know each other on a social level.

All you need is a half-day trip where you will paddle in an inflatable kayak following every move the more experienced Orange Torpedo Trips guides make.

If your group would love to join hand with another group, then you can always get on board a bigger raft. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a momentous and fun time on the River, which is raved about as one of the best ways to spend your time away from the office.

The primary section of the  River is perfect for first-time kayakers of work colleagues who are looking for something more adventures than just having a chilled time on calmer waters.

Your group is bound to encounter various class II and III rapids. However, the main section of the Payette River offers enough challenges to anyone who is keen on sharing the perfect outing within a group.

All trips provided by top excursion companies like Orange Torpedo Trips make provision for nutritious snacks along the way.

Following is an itinerary of your first half day trip on board the Payette:

  • First things first, you will meet at the Beehive Bend boat launch site. The easiest way to get there is by driving on the State Highway 55 just North out of Boise, which is approximately 25 miles away. The launch site would be situated on your left.
  • Arrive dressed up and all ready for your river trip as there is no outhouse to change into your gear.
  • Once you get there, your designated river guides will verify all the paperwork before loading the rest of the rafting gear into their van and heading off to the trip launch point that is 10-miles upstream.
  • PFDs are provided to everyone and must be worn at all times while on the river. Other equipment given would be helmets and if needed, wetsuits and splash gear. You will even get a community dry bag to keep your camera and anything else safe and dry.
  • Once everyone is ready up to tackle the mighty Payette, the Orange Torpedo guides will deliver a thoroughly entertaining orientation session on how to paddle and prepare yourself for the best whitewater river trip that awaits your group.
  • Time to get wet as you and the rest of your team get to warm up with famous rapids like the Whitewater 101 and 102. Before you know it, you will be offered the chance to test your paddling skills on the first class III rapids and onboard your inflatable kayak.
  • Not to worry, soon after Constriction, Bennett’s Rock, and Mike’s Hole, you will discover a quiet beach where the rest of the group will pull over to enjoy a scrumptious afternoon snack.
  • Soon after you’ve enjoyed some swimming, chatting and taking pictures, it is time to get involved in some more Payette River rafting adventures where you get to try your luck on some of the largest rapids.

There is no better way to enjoy miles of swimming holes and fascinating nature scenes than right here. It won’t be long before your trip is concluded and it will be time to head back to work again.